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Guild Rules

Post by HoboAGA on Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:10 am

Since the guilds haven't fully been added to pokefarmQ yet we don't know how they will work but if it's like a normal guild then it is reasonable to say that there will be a BLACK LIST. So at the present moment breaking the rules will result in being KICKED. RULES; 
1- EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE: This means that if you wont help and the person you are asking wont's for a reasonable payment you are expected to pay for there help. 
2-NO BULLING: This doesn't just mean no calling people names it also means that if someone asks for help don't be an ass be fair, if someone reports you for having to steep prices for that persons level then that is BULLING I can't think of any other rules at the moment but if you can think of some rules or punishments feel free to post them bellow.
It has been put to my attention that swearing is not band if you won't it band comment and say why.

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